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PASGT Ballistic Helmet

  • £175.00

The PASGT helmet is a light-weight, high performance multi-layer combat proven helmet that provides robust protection from ballistic and fragmentation projectiles and other low energy threats.

Manufactured in the UK using high quality aramid fibres bound in resin, moulded to form a solid outer shell. 

The outer shell features a front lip that serves as a cover in rainy conditions. A rubber strip encases the outer rim to reduce damage to the edges of the shell. The design is compatible with communication systems and other military equipment and will not hinder the use of a shoulder based firearm.

The 4-part suspension system and harness are mounted by reinforced ballistic screws. The  suspension system provides excellent shock absorption, improved weight distribution, easy adjustment for a secure fit, without compromising coverage and protection. 

This helmet has an approved protection rating of level IIIA, National Institute of justice (NIJ) and STANAG 2920 V50 > 2150 ft/sec (650 m/sec).


  • Standard PASGT design 
  • Lightweight 
  • High ballistic performance
  • NIJ IIIA Protection
  • STANAG V50 F6 650m/s Protection
  • Fully customisable
  • Adjustable harness suspension system for perfect fit
  • Ergonomically designed for enhanced comfort 
  • Made with military grade materials and techniques

Standard Sizing:    

Helmets are provided with fully adjustable harnesses for individual tailoring. The helmet shell is available in four sizes. For the best fit, measure the largest circumference of your head, typically just behind the tops of your ears.

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