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The MARCH MAS-EMS (March Applied System) Pouch is a low volume, enhanced content team medical pouch which allows for full customisation of your content configuration to suit your needs. Available in Red, Black and Grey.

The MARCH MAS-EMS, or survival kit pouch, is opened by "Burst-Zip" which is a key function in all MAS pouches and packs. This simple rip to open process simplifies access to the internal compartments thus reducing time taken to reach the contents of the pouch. The MARCH MAS-EMS pouch can be waist or shoulder carried.  

The internal compartments are organised following the MARCH system of care to allow for improved guidance under duress / replenishment.  

The MARCH MAS-EMS pouch is designed to hold the example equipment as pictured although not included with the pouch**.  

For configuration options please contact us

Product Features

  • Patrol Medic Configuration
  • “Burst-Zip” opening for speed and ease of access
  • Panelised MARCH sections to guide assessment and care
  • Integral belt option - extendable for over shoulder carriage
  • Compact and easy to re-seal and stow
  • H-160mm D-160mm W-360mm  
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