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C3 - NIJ Level III Ceramic hard armour insert

  • £138.00

C-3 NIJ level III (3) is manufactured from a hybrid ceramic hard armour insert designed to work in-conjunction-with our NIJ level IIIA or UK HG2 soft armour products. 

Used by personnel from a wide spectrum of sectors that include law enforcement, military, maritime, security, media and corporate travellers. Customers choose our  ceramic hard armour inserts because they are a cost effective, provide a high level of protection that has been proven and tested in the field for many years.

Manufactured in the UK, and independently tested, the C-3 hard armour insert, When used in conjunction with IIIA or HG3 body armour our level III plate offers demonstrates its superior stopping power against  the following ammunition types: 

  • 7.62x51mm NATO Ball @ 847 m/s
  • 7.62X54R Steel Core @ 860m/s
  • 7.62X51mm NATO AP (P80) @ 840 m/s
  • 7.62X39mm API @ 740 m/s
  • 5.56X45mm SS109 @ 960 m/s


  • Designed for superior performance
  • NIJ Level III protection when used with NIJ level IIIA soft armour 
  • Shooter cut corners for reduced interference 
  • Ergonomically designed for fit and comfort
  • Ballistic nylon coating
  • Multi-hit capabilities 
  • No sharp or pointed edges
  • Made in the UK 
  • Moisture and oil resistant
  • Temperature resistant
  • Easy clean design


  • 250mm x 300mm x 9mm
  • Weight 2.3kg
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